Access control

If you are looking for home alarm & secure entry systems for a residential block of tenanted apartments or rooms then an access control system is probably the ideal option for you. Access control systems provide security external and internal access in and through a property, by use of a key fob, magnetic strip card or coded access. This means that only authorised people can access parts or the whole of the property – depending on what you see fit. When it comes to having access control systems, London buildings are often more in need due to its dense population and criminal hot spots. Ensuring that only those who are permitted can access a building is important.

At NSS we are experienced access control installers who have installed a number of varying systems in businesses and residential buildings throughout England. We know what works best where, and our expert advisors work closely with you as customers to understand the building layout and entry points in order to install the right system for your property. Some systems allow single point control – usually a PC point, which enables quick software upgrades and maintenance. Others are managed door by door – making it easy and less disruptive to install.

Our customers trust in us not only to be quality installors but to also provide on-going, excellent access control maintenance to those systems. We help to update and develop your system to ensure you are getting optimum performance out of your access control system.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0 by 185+ clients on whole UK for home alarm installation.

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