Is your home safe? Have you adopted enough measures to dissuade burglars? Though alarmist we may sound the fact is we live in very bad times. Recall what you read in the newspapers for the last few days or what you saw on your local television news and you would have invariably come across incidents of thefts and burglary near you. When it happens in your neighbourhood it can often instil fear for lives of your loved ones and also for your prized assets.

A recently conducted British Crime Survey has proved a direct correlation between home security systems and burglary victimisation. It has come up with some interesting stats that clearly suggest that better the security measure lesser are the chances of burglar. According to this survey 88% of people in the UK rely on window locks, double locks and deadlocks for their home security with 81% having deadlocks or double locks on their security which in today’s world can be termed as ‘basic security’ system. Also 5% of houses that lacked even basic security measures were burgled compared to only 2% that had these basic security systems.

How to Protect Yourself?
The above stats clearly suggest that every homeowner need to take adequate steps to protect his/her home from burglars. However good your ‘basic security’ measures are you need to invest in high tech security solutions. As you may have already comprehended no security measure thwarts off burglary attempts in isolation and you must invest in multiple levels of security. Here are some inexpensive security systems that are worth investing in

Intruder Alarm     
The first intruder alarms were introduced in the 1850s and became popular with businesses in the 1970s. There has been constant improvement in this technology to prevent sabotage. But it wasn’t until the 1990s that homeowners started installing them as a deterrent against burglary. The adoption of these systems till the beginning of the millennia was limited owing to their high cost of installation and maintenance. But we have come a long way since then as modern alarms don’t require complex wiring and their costs have also reduced due to ‘economy of scale’. They no longer act as standalone devices and can be monitored remotely. Security companies are installing monitored alarm system that keeps a close vigil on your property when you are away from home thus offering you complete peace of mind.

CCTV Cameras
CCTV Cameras are widely seen as one of the most comprehensive means of home security. They not only keep a strong vigil both in the entry points and interiors of your property but also have a psychological effect on the burglars. Crime rates clearly show that homes with CCTV cameras installed report fewer incidents compared to those that don’t have these cameras. Unlike the cameras of the yesteryears modern cameras capture sharp images even in low lighting conditions and archive them on digital recorders. With the introduction of HD technology and PTZ cameras it is possible to capture highly sharp images of the subject over a large area. These cameras can withstand blows from sharp and heavy objects making them ideal for exterior use. Internet has taken the functioning of these cameras to the next level as you can access live feed on your workstation or smartphones remotely.

Door Entry Systems
Door Entry Systems or Access Control Systems are a smart way to secure your homes at the same time allows seamless entry of people who are authorized to do so. You may have seen them in movies and commercial buildings but they are now increasingly being adopted in homes. There are various types of door entry stems and they are often differentiated on how they allow access to you and your family members. The most common types are the ones that come with Key Access or Numeric Combination Access. You can also choose ones with Card Access, Fingerprint Access or Proximity Card Access Systems. Unlike commercial door entry systems, the ones used at home also come with cameras and display screens along with microphone and speakers to enable guests to identify themselves.

Get Your Risk Assessed by Experts
To sum up you must understand that your risks are governed by a number of factors that include the type of property you live in, the location of your property and also your lifestyle. Hence you should get your risks assessed by a reputable security company who would suggest the right anti-burglar deterrent system for your exact needs.