Key holding & Response

When the unexpected event of an unauthorised intrusion occurs, there is no need to be unprepared. Having NSS available quickly and efficiently as your key-holder on immediate response one of the best ways to safeguard and support your business premises; giving you peace of mind.

What to expect from our key-holding and response service?

As a business you can expect NSS to work closely with your business in order to prepare for the eventuality that an intrusion or attempted intrusion occurs. Our team of trusted, vetted, trained and equipped staff comprehensively work with you to understand the layout and the security systems of your commercial buildings. Using your input we develop a set of key instructions and protocols to follow in the case of an emergency.

We as your key-holders receive the keys you wish us to hold and keep them in a securely coded and sealed control room environment – only accessed by specific authorised personnel when there is an emergency. By utilising this service, your business is compliant with police requirements for nominated key-holders; which require you to have two key holding individuals 20 minutes away from the premises. Also, our professionally trained investigative team will be on site to check any false alarms, helping to protect your police response status.

What happens in an emergency?

As your key-holding and response specialists, we are on call for you and your business 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. Should the unfortunate happen, our fully trained rapid response unit will be on site quickly to follow the instructed protocols. Should the need arise we will liaise with the emergency services.

Not only do we attend to an alert but we also take responsibility for ensuring that the premises is secure again; whether it is a true intrusion or false alarm – so you and your staff need not be inconvenienced in the early hours or can focus on your business not the security of it.

Rated 4.5 out of 5.0 by 175+ clients on whole UK for key-holding installation.


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