Lighting control

Most crime occurs after daylight hours, after all it reduces the chances of an intruder, burglar or vandal getting caught doesn’t it? Not when you have invested in lighting control security systems with NSS it doesn’t.

Using intelligent technology that controls the levels of lighting in areas in and around your home for set periods of time in set locations, keeps those potential intruders on their toes and unable to seek dimly lit areas to perpetrate their crimes.

An added benefit of light control systems are their environmental friendliness that prevents excess usage of energy when lighting the areas around your home. This also means that it needn’t cost a great deal to use and maintain a lighting control system. Thankfully, with National Security Systems, the installation of these systems need not cost the Earth for you either. Here at NSS we know security technology and our qualified and experienced professionals constantly make every effort to keep up to date with new and emerging technologies. The same applies to lighting control systems too. That way we are in a better position to advise our customers on what options suit their needs and their budget. We also work with our clients to understand their homes, the layout, the access points and the environment around their home – so we can get a comprehensive understanding on how best to install and control the lighting around it.

We have installed a range of different lighting control systems in a wide variety of residential buildings, so we appreciate the different benefits that individual systems offer. Without the advice and assistance of knowledgeable experts, these systems can seem pretty overwhelming. Luckily for our prospective and current customers, we can help with that. Give us a quick call today to see how installing lighting systems in your home could benefit you.

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