As a trusted, professional and fully trained security service with up to the minute technology

Our monitoring security service allows the security of your business to be supported remotely.

Having worked with our clients and their business we gauge a comprehensive understanding of how it works. From the layout, the security systems at work, key entry points, building usage patterns to staffing patterns and locations of sensitive and protected equipment. This allows us to build up a true picture of your business operations, and ensures that our monitoring processes fully reflect the needs of your business.

As your dedicated security specialists, we monitor your premises and its security systems; staying alert to any unusual movements and activities and immediately responding to them be they false alarms or genuine concerns.

Having a dedicated resource monitoring your premises on a regular basis, be it live monitoring or CCTV checks does more than just enable a quick response to emergency situations. The regularity of monitoring means that our trained staff and their highly trained eyes can pick up any anomalies or potential risks and any areas of improvement for you company security by observing the day to day activities that occur. We can then work with you and talk you through any options on how to make any amendments to your security systems and processes.

At NSS we offer a full responsive and proactive service when it comes to monitoring your business security. Having our expertise at your fingertips gives you confidence and most importantly reassurance. Furthermore, we believe that this level of reassurance is worth any level of investment. But as an added incentive, our reasonable costs and tailored pricing designed around your business needs, ensures that you get value for your investment.