Astonishing figures show police make only 14 arrests for every 100 home burglaries in England. This is due to the lack of evidence to convict a criminal due to no CCTV footage or security measures put in place.

Figures on recorded crime show there were 392,341 burglaries in 2014-15, while Home Office data shows 54,466 arrests were made for burglary.

Jenny Dunphy, from Timperley, Greater Manchester arrived home on 29 November at 17:50 GMT with her two children and found the front door was barricaded and the patio doors had been smashed.

“I saw things were missing, handbags were all over the floor and there was general chaos. My little boy thought he heard someone upstairs, so I ran out and locked the kids in the car, locked the front door and called the police.”

An officer arrived within three minutes and waited for back up before searching the house. They found nobody inside but the intruders had “ransacked upstairs”.

Ms Dunphy made a list of what was missing, including two PlayStations, two laptops, about 50 games, two bracelets, and two watches.

She said: “The impact on the family was felt immediately. My eldest child, being very aware of the situation, struggled to sleep.

“He changed his whole Christmas list to police everything… police Lego, police trucks, a jail. He would regularly make posters and asked his classmates to help him find the bad guys.

“Personally it is very unnerving knowing someone has been through your house and rummaged through your things. It took weeks until I had a full night’s sleep, and we’ve had to install cameras, as it’s common for them to come back.”

Two months later, Ms Dunphy says when she arrives home she feels nervous opening the door and gets suspicious of anyone who walks past the house and looks in.

Police returned two weeks after the incident but have not found the culprits.

“We’ve not heard any updates since,” Ms Dunphy added.

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Source: BBC