Commercial Access Control Solutions

Standalone Access Control –
Optimum Security at a Reasonable Price

Protect your business from unauthorised access with our commercial standalone and PC based systems – offering the best in quality and service in access control London businesses could ask for.

Standalone systems provide excellent access control features for small businesses and organisations working with a constrained budget. Designed to be fitted to one or multiple doors, NSS’s standalone access control systems only allow authorised personnel to enter once they, enter a specific numeric code or PIN via an integrated keypad, have a programmed proximity tags or have a magstrip card. This allows your business to minimise unauthorised access but also control and monitor access to all or parts of your premises.

Standalone systems are the ideal system for small business or new businesses with limited budgets as they are less complex to install than other systems; and therefore less complex to manage from a client side. They can also be installed quickly and efficiently with little interruption to your day-to-day operations. Perfect if you cannot afford to lose a business day on installation works. As standalone systems need to be programmed on a door-by-door basis, they are more appropriate for smaller premises such as small offices, sports clubs and storage units.

PC Based Systems for Centralised Access Control

If you have a large business with multiple buildings, several complex entry points and perhaps multi-story access points, a comprehensive PC based access control system may be better suited for its greater control.

Complex entry points

Unlike standalone systems, which require individualised programming, PC based systems can be programmed and managed from a single PC point. This means for larger sites, you can significantly reduce the amount of time and effort required to adjust access control policies, and the security software also provides you with a wealth of features, including:

With our PC based systems, the power to control access to your entire premises is at your fingertips. The user-friendly software provides you with a wealth of security options and makes it fast and easy to grant and adjust access permissions as and when required.

PC based systems are suitable for all types of premises, but are most often the preference for use in larger corporate buildings such as:

Providing and installing access control systems London businesses need

Access control maintenance

We at NSS don’t simply take you through the options and advise you on systems, we are qualified and professional access control installers too. Once installed, we offer expert access control maintenance to ensure that you as our client are fully supported and can fully benefit from a healthy system.

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